My interest in photography started when I was about ten years old. My father had an old half plate camera not working but I played about with bits of tissue paper over the back and with the shutter open I had a camera obscurer. I then graduated to a box camera this time with ortho film which I developed by the light of a bicycle rear light see-sawing it through a dish of developer then fixer. A Christmas present saw me move up to a Braun Paxette 35mm camera until finally moving on to SLRs. I have been a devotee of Nikon Cameras for 30+ years but I don't think cameras make good photographs, it's the photographers that do that. I have tried most areas of photography and still do but not always with success.

What I enjoy most is reportage capturing an image as a moment frozen in time instinctive reaction rather than careful planning. I also like landscape but it's more a matter of perseverance than skill or artistic talent that brings the occasional success. Joining the camera club has done more to improve my photography than anything I ever did on my own.

I hope you enjoy my images.


John Banks