2022 Annual Exhibition

Loughton Camera Club’s annual exhibition was selected on Saturday 30th July by David Steel DPAGB.

The exhibition will be on display at the Buckley’s Bar in Lopping Hall. Open from Saturday 13th until Friday 19th August, 10.00 to 16.00.

The monkey


The Kiss

Is it all clear now?

Me and my shadow

A stroll in the Temple

The Milky way arch over Mount Teide Observatory

On the Promenade

Johns Havin a Larf

Liquor Store

Rye House Dust Storm

Story behind the stall

The Big Easy Canary Wharf

The Ghost

The staircase

Heading into the storm

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Please note the classes F and H this year have changed and are not as stated in the Exhibition rules.

Trophy winners Red. Certificate winners Blue.


Phil Lumb The Elephants Come Down to a Waterhole, Etosha             18

Les Cornwell  Kingfisher with juvenile Carp                                                  19

Les Cornwell  Clashing Antlers                                                                              17

Phil Lumb Autumn Fungi                                                                                           17

Caroline Preece In the Winter Garden                                                              17

Martin Taylor Chillin’                                                                                                   18

Martin Taylor Is it all clear now?                                                                          20

Martin Taylor On the prowl                                                                                    19

Birgit Barrett Beaks to the Left                                                                            17

Ivor Cooper Take off                                                                                                    18

Ivor Cooper Not much room on top of the world                                         16

Ivor Cooper where to Sir                                                                                          17

Alan Martin Impala                                                                                                     19

Alan Martin  Red-Billed Hornbill                                                                           19


Les Cornwell  Cleaner Air ?                                                                                      18

John Northover  Mick and Joleen                                                                        18

Les Cornwell  The Dancers                                                                                       17

Ivor Cooper The Tailor                                                                                                18

Ivor Cooper It’s a barrier of laughs                                                                      16

Tom Peck Winston                                                                                                       20

John Northover  The Dancers                                                                                19

Birgit Barrett One Hour to Go                                                                                19

Ivor Cooper Rick Astley. never gonna give you up                                      16

Alan Martin Bottom Knot and the Spanish Character                              18


Phil Lumb Night Time at Playa del Cura                                                           17

John Northover  Crepuscular rays at the beach                                           17

Ian Ryall Morning on the Adriatic                                                                        16

Phil Lumb The Walk to Work (2)                                                                           19

Phil Lumb The Churchgoers (3)                                                                              18

John Northover  The winding road towards Koltur                                   18

John Northover  Looking for the pot of gold                                                  16

Phil Lumb The Huddle (2)                                                                                          16

Ian Ryall Southend disgrace                                                                                     15

Martin Taylor Ra Gusela at Passo Giou                                                              19

Martin Taylor Val di Funes,The Dolomites                                                       16

Tom Peck Glencoe                                                                                                         18

Birgit Barrett Winter in Iceland                                                                            19

Ivor Cooper Cuban Beauty                                                                                      18

Alan Martin A stroll in the Temple                                                                      20

Alan Martin  Novice Monks Take a ride to school                                        19


Les Cornwell  Groyne at Sunrise                                                                           19

Tom Peck Fistral Beach                                                                                              18

Tom Peck Beachy head                                                                                               16

Tom Peck Rannoch Moor                                                                                           18

Phil Lumb Accross the Valley by Mount Fitz Roy                                         18

Tom Peck Precarious view                                                                                        19

Les Cornwell  Barton on Sea Groyne                                                                   19

Les Cornwell  Remains of Lepe Pier                                                                     18

John Northover  Budir Church                                                                               18

Ian Ryall Becalmed                                                                                                        18

Tom Peck The Lighthouse                                                                                         19

Tom Peck Dirty weather, Scotland                                                                       17

Martin Taylor Dawn at Zabriskie Point                                                             17

Martin Taylor Autumn comes to The Dolomites                                           18

Martin Taylor Daybreak in Hermanus                                                               18

Martin Taylor Is there amyone out there (Death Valley)                          19

Martin Taylor King of the Quiver Trees (Namibia)                                       18

Les Cornwell  Night Sky above Rock Arch                                                       17

Les Cornwell  Woolacombe Bay Sunset                                                            17

Les Cornwell  Evening Light at Benijo Beach                                                 19

Alan Martin  Fast flowing river                                                                              16

Alan Martin  Seaside Street                                                                                      16

Phil Lumb The Lighthouse at Kelsoy Ferry                                                       18

Phil Lumb Little Man                                                                                                   18

John Northover The Milky way arch over Mount Teide Observatory  20


Phil Lumb Magnolia                                                                                                     17

Ivor Cooper The monkey                                                                                          20

Birgit Barrett Cherry Trees by The Water                                                        17

Birgit Barrett Path Through The Bluebells - Impression                          17

Birgit Barrett Vibrant Summer Impression                                                     19

Birgit Barrett Flower Power Monet Style                                                        19

Birgit Barrett Dahlia With Heart                                                                         18

Les Cornwell Stargazing                                                                                           19

Birgit Barrett Vibrant Dahlias Impression                                                      18

Birgit Barrett In The Dry Garden - Impression                                              17

Birgit Barrett Cherry Blossom Dream 1                                                           16

Birgit Barrett Spring Forest Impression                                                            17

Ivor Cooper Sparrows can’t sing                                                                           15


John Northover Into the final straight                                                              19

Ian Ryall Cold Day at Shellness Lido                                                                    17

Phil Lumb A Tree Catches the Light                                                                     15

Ian Ryall SIluttes and relfections                                                                           16

Tom Peck Water Nymph 4                                                                                        19

John Northover  Gannet taking flight                                                               17

Ian Ryall Storms at Canvey                                                                                       15

Ian Ryall Stairs Shapes and Colour                                                                       16

Phil Lumb Number 18                                                                                                 14

Les Cornwell Sunset at Aythorpe Roding Windmill                                   19

John Northover  Male passing fish to female Kingfisher                         19

John Northover Southern Yellow billed Hornbill                                         17

Tom Peck The Kiss                                                                                                        20

Martin Taylor Under the sea                                                                                    16

Les Cornwell Cascade Bridge, Sheffield Park                                                14

Ivor Cooper Mick Hucknall Simply Red                                                            14

Ivor Cooper Bookies don’t like losing                                                                 16

Alan Martin Quails Eggs Village market Burma                                           16

Alan Martin Texture and colour in peeling bark                                           19

Alan Martin  The stairwell at south bank                                                         16

Caroline Preece Jostling for Position                                                                   18


Phil Lumb People in the Machine                                                                          18

Birgit Barrett Pencilled Dahlia                                                                              17

Tom Peck The Balcony                                                                                                17

John Northover  Riding the wave                                                                        17

Birgit Barrett Etherial Beauty                                                                                16

Ian Ryall Eye of the Aquatic centre                                                                      17

Les Cornwell  Jurassic Forest                                                                                  19

Ian Ryall Brightlingsea                                                                                                17

Ivor Cooper At the end of the day                                                                        18

John Northover  The Pose                                                                                        19

Ian Ryall I am down here ladies by the way                                                     19

Les Cornwell The Dark Side                                                                                    18

John Northover  Glasir Torshavn College                                                        19

Ian Ryall Clifftown Shore                                                                                           14

Birgit Barrett The Swarm - A Sketch                                                                  18

Tom Peck The Bridge To Skye                                                                                  19

Tom Peck Mussel Farm                                                                                               18

Martin Taylor Church at St Lucy overlooking Calle Santa Lucia          17

Martin Taylor Humpback breaching                                                                   18

Martin Taylor Me and my shadow                                                                      20

Martin Taylor No reception on my phone                                                         19

Alan Martin Aluminium building - Museum of pop culture Seattle    16

Alan Martin  Synagogue in Prague                                                                      18

Alan Martin  The natural history museum                                                       18


Phil Lumb Security at St Christopher's Place, London                               16

Caroline Preece Spring comes to the Promenade                                       16

Caroline Preece The Game                                                                                      17

Caroline Preece The Stare                                                                                       17

Ivor Cooper As life passes him by                                                                         18

Caroline Preece Evening Light - Canary Wharf                                           19

Caroline Preece Not the Main Place                                                                  17

Ian Ryall Different worlds                                                                                         19

Paul Mee  Deep In Thought                                                                                      15

Paul Mee  The Up Escalator                                                                                     16

Paul Mee Utter Waffle                                                                                                16

Paul Mee  Walking in the Wild West End                                                         19

Ivor Cooper Windows to the soul                                                                         17

Alan Martin  Friends meet at the Southbank Centre                                  16

Alan Martin  Meet you at the LAST POST                                                        15

Caroline Preece On the Promenade                                                                  20

Caroline Preece On the Night Bus                                                                       19


Les Cornwell   Kingfisher at Sunset                                                                     19

Les Cornwell  Amethyst Deceiver                                                                         18

Karen Gibbon  Mum - we're being watched                                                    16

Andrew Wakefield  A Dorset Smooth Snake                                                  17

Andrew Wakefield  Checkered skipper on a bluebell                                16

Andrew Wakefield  Heath Fritillary in the clearing                                   16

Andrew Wakefield  Jumping Spider on Dorset Heathland                     19

Andrew Wakefield  Mating Heath Fritillaries                                               18

Andrew Wakefield  Puffins in the bluebells                                                    19

Andrew Wakefield  Midnight Pine Marten                                                     15

Andrew Wakefield  Slitherin Black Adder                                                       16

Andrew Wakefield  Spider in the lichen                                                            16

Andrew Wakefield  The Ghost                                                                             20

Andrew Wakefield  The Long Wait                                                                      17

Andrew Wakefield  The Pine Marten and the Mouse                                17

Andrew Wakefield  The Viewpoint                                                                     19

Bob Briggs  Fishing at dusk                                                                                      18

Bob Briggs   Coming in to land                                                                                19

Bob Briggs  Tern to dive                                                                                             17

Bob Briggs  Amongst the thistle                                                                            16

Bob Briggs  Out in the day                                                                                        19

Martin Taylor  Are you coming out to play?                                                    17

Martin Taylor  Having a soak                                                                                  19

Martin Taylor  Splash !                                                                                                16

Birgit Barrett  Beauty of a Clover Flower                                                         15

Birgit Barrett  Searching for the Entrance                                                       16

Ivor Cooper  As I wander I wonder                                                                      13

Dean Euesden  Compare the pose                                                                        15

Debbie Mitchell  Blue dragonfly (2)                                                                    15

John Northover   Red Rock crab                                                                           18


Ivor Cooper  Best of friends                                                                                     17

Phil Lumb  John's Havin' a Larf                                                                              20

Tom Peck  Down but not out_v2                                                                            19

Ben Spencer  Mr Dietrich Remembers                                                               19

Ben Spencer  The Degenerate                                                                                18

Paul Mee   My name is Joe                                                                                        19

Karen Gibbon  Jess                                                                                                       16

Les Cornwell  En Pointe                                                                                             17

Les Cornwell   Forest Feast                                                                                       17

Keith Lillywhite  Paul the Greyhound Trainer                                               17

Keith Lillywhite  The Phantom Bomber Strikes again                               17

Ivor Cooper  The Voice                                                                                               18

Dean Euesden  The Dutchman                                                                               17

Dean Euesden  Crystal Ball                                                                                      16

John Northover  Portrait of a bearded man                                                   19


Phil Lumb  Under the London Eye                                                                         18

Kimberly Cooper  Sainte Chapelle, Paris                                                          17

Paul Mee   Liquor Store                                                                                              20

Kimberly Cooper  Pyramide du Louvre                                                             15

Kimberly Cooper  The Sandwich Shop                                                              14

John Northover   Kaldbaksfjordur                                                                      19

Phil Lumb  Reflecting on the Taj                                                                            19

Karen Gibbon Nomadic Samburu camp                                                           19

Martin Taylor  Aurora Borealis                                                                               19

Martin Taylor  Lost in the middle of nowhere                                                 17

Martin Taylor  Santa Maddelana, The Dolomites                                        17

Tom Peck  Elizabeth Line                                                                                           18

Birgit Barrett  Procida, Italy                                                                                    17

Ivor Cooper  Man versus umbrella                                                                       14

Dean Euesden  On Guard                                                                                          15

Debbie Mitchell  I wonder what she's thinking                                            17

John Northover  Milky way over Tajineste rojo                                            17

John Northover   Hvalsneskirkja                                                                          19


Ben Spencer  Northern Beach Walkers                                                             18

Tom Peck Cornish weather                                                                                      19

Caroline Preece  Winters Evening, North Wales                                         14

Les Cornwell   Sunshine & Rain, Exmoor                                                          17

Phil Lumb  Looking towards Mount Fitz Roy                                                  19

Phil Lumb  The Wash at Sunset                                                                              19

Tom Peck  Castle Stalker                                                                                            19

Tom Peck  Wind blasted tree                                                                                   15

Paul Mee  Another Lonely Tree                                                                              16

Tom Peck  Heading into the storm                                                                      20

Tom Peck  Godrevy Point                                                                                          18

Phil Lumb  Looking out to Tindhólmur                                                               16

Karen Gibbon  Eilean Donan Castle                                                                    16

Andrew Wakefield  Staffa                                                                                        14

Martin Taylor  Cappuchino rocks !                                                                       19

Martin Taylor  Misty mountains                                                                            19

Martin Taylor  Who left the door open                                                              16

Les Cornwell   Evening Light, Coombe Martin                                               18

Les Cornwell  Milky Way over Rock Formation                                            16

Les Cornwell   Sunset above Cloud Level                                                          17

Les Cornwell   Milky Way Core over Teide Observatory                          17

Birgit Barrett  I told you it was beautiful                                                         14

Birgit Barrett  Looking Through the Fall                                                           17

Dean Euesden  Light Fest                                                                                          14

John Northover  Portreath                                                                                      18

John Northover  The Witches finger                                                                  18

John Northover  Autumn at Monsal head                                                       17


Debbie Mitchell  Done and dusted compe                                                       16

Phil Lumb  Aimless                                                                                                        17

Phil Lumb  The Eye of the Bloom                                                                           16

Tom Peck  Distorted London (iphone pano)                                                     19

Ivor Cooper  Old camera Old Car                                                                         17

Phil Lumb  The Feel of Autumn                                                                              19

Phil Lumb  Worth a Closer Look                                                                             16

John Northover  Icy blue                                                                                           17

Phil Lumb  Christmas Lights                                                                                     16

John Northover  Ice blue                                                                                           19

Paul Mee   12th Century Gothic                                                                            17

Ben Spencer  She Loved to Dance                                                                        15

Phil Lumb  Snettisham Beach (2)                                                                           17

Ben Spencer  Canal Tunnel Abstract                                                                  19

Karen Gibbon  Lone rose                                                                                           17

Karen Gibbon  Butterfly' orchid                                                                            16

Karen Gibbon  Kenyan tree vines                                                                         17

Martin Taylor  Bluebell Wood                                                                                 17

Martin Taylor  Mosaic dolphins                                                                             18

Paul Mee  Dont Walk Away                                                                                     19

Tom Peck  The Big Easy_Canary Wharf                                                            20

Tom Peck  Poppy Swirl                                                                                                18

Birgit Barrett  Enchanted Forest Pond                                                               19

Birgit Barrett  Floating Blooms                                                                              18

Birgit Barrett  Gazania Mandala                                                                          16

Birgit Barrett  Rose Frills                                                                                           15

Keith Lillywhite  Race to the finish Line                                                            17

Keith Lillywhite  Plucketts Wood                                                                          15

Tom Peck  Happy Couple1                                                                                        19

Ivor Cooper  The 02                                                                                                     16

Ivor Cooper Lavender fields                                                                                   19

Dean Euesden  Reflections                                                                                       15

Dean Euesden  Twin towers                                                                                    16

Dean Euesden  Spanish Pot                                                                                     14


John Northover  Red arrows                                                                                   19

Les Cornwell  Puffball Fungi emitting Spores                                                17

Kimberly Cooper  Mum’s Favourite                                                                    16

Ian Ryall  Seed Reflections                                                                                        16

Ben Spencer  London Reconfigured                                                                    18

Kimberly Cooper The Boxing Club                                                                     16

John Northover   Barn owl with mouse                                                             19

Tom Peck  Taking a break      19

Paul Mee   I got a Lincoln Continental and a Sunroof Cadillac              16

Kimberly Cooper  Red Stripes                                                                                17

Ivor Cooper  Storm in a teacup                                                                              19

Ian Ryall  Queen and Workers                                                                                 15

Ian Ryall  Heron                                                                                                               15

Tom Peck  Underwater Nymphs                                                                            16

Ben Spencer  The Journey                                                                                        15

John Northover  The final charge                                                                        17

Tom Peck  London Wreck                                                                                          19

Ian Ryall  By the Dashboard Light                                                                         19

Andrew Wakefield  GT Championship, Silverstone                                    17

Martin Taylor  Flying Machines                                                                             17

Martin Taylor  Lift Off                                                                                                 15

Martin Taylor  On the gallops                                                                                 16

Les Cornwell   Flying Moto Cross Rider                                                             16

Les Cornwell   Into the Final Bend                                                                        15

Les Cornwell   Kite Surfer                                                                                         16

Birgit Barrett  Duel at the Light Show                                                                18

Birgit Barrett  Light Show at Battersea                                                             18

Keith Lillywhite  Vets pre-race fitness check                                                  14

Keith Lillywhite  Thomas Brady into a Turn                                                    19

Keith Lillywhite  Rye House Dust Storm                                                         20

Keith Lillywhite  Harlow Sprint                                                                             19

Keith Lillywhite  Hanging out into the Bend                                                  18

Keith Lillywhite  Awkward                                                                                       17

Ivor Cooper  Surreal                                                                                                    17

Ivor Cooper The headless mechanic                                                                  17

Ivor Cooper  The greats escape                                                                              17

Debbie Mitchell  Birds in the waterfall                                                             15

Ian Ryall  Dont Chain your Bikes here                                                                 16

Ian Ryall  Aircon Washing                                                                                         14

Ian Ryall  Crispy Chicken                                                                                            14

Debbie Mitchell  May have bitten off more than I can chew                 17


Phil Lumb  Tide's Out                                                                                                   19

Phil Lumb  Brightlingsea Tower                                                                             18

Ben Spencer  Nuthorpe Station                                                                             14

Ian Ryall  Lost times at Shoreham Airport                                                        19

Ian Ryall  Decco Side Glance                                                                                    17

Ben Spencer  Walk the line                                                                                      16

Kimberly Cooper  Round 3                                                                                      19

Caroline Preece  Winter Trees                                                                               16

Ben Spencer  Run                                                                                                          17

Kimberly Cooper  Alone In Brutalism                                                                17

Paul Mee  Deconstructivism                                                                                    16

Karen Gibbon  Approaching storm Lake Naivasha Kenya                      15

Martin Taylor  The high jump                                                                                  15

Les Cornwell  Magma Convention Centre                                                        17

Les Cornwell   Wave Patterns                                                                                 18

Birgit Barrett  Dog Walker in the Mist                                                               18

Birgit Barrett  Graceful Poppy                                                                               19

Ian Ryall  Classical bridges Decco                                                                          18

John Northover   Last light on Casanga                                                            19

John Northover  The staircase                                                                              20


Ivor Cooper  Oh no, they mucked the world up again                               17

Paul Mee   Christmas Charity Tractor Rally                                                    15

Ian Ryall  Enjoying the beach                                                                                  19

Caroline Preece Tate Modern                                                                               17

Phil Lumb  Waiting For a Fare                                                                                 19

Caroline Preece  1 - Spring comes to the Promenade                                19

Caroline Preece  2 - Spring comes to the Promenade                                17

Paul Mee  N-E-S-S                                                                                                          16

Ivor Cooper  Story behind the stall                                                                     20

Paul Mee   Texting                                                                                                         19

Birgit Barrett  Ice Cream                                                                                           15

Birgit Barrett  Resigned to a Long Wait                                                            17

Ivor Cooper  I guess this must be the Place                                                     17

Dean Euesden  Mayfair                                                                                             16

Dean Euesden  Chilling in Worthing                                                                   16

Ian Ryall  I Will clean your dog ends                                                                    17

Ian Ryall  Life in China Town                                                                                    19

Ian Ryall  Walking By                                                                                                   17

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